Appearing on the Wright Stuff

14 May 2008

Had a great time appearing on the Wright Stuff, a channel 5 morning chatshow. I was an expert talking about Parent Power and answering calls from the general public about schools. Matthew Wright was so pleased with me that he invited me back onto the show to field more questions, apparently they were inundated. I talked at length before the show with Katie Despres who is setting up her own school in Bristol and finding it difficult ( We both agreed that it needs to be much, much easier to set up a school, particularly in the state sector so that there is real choice. We’ve decided to set up a Facebook group as an initial step about this. I tangled with an expert guest on the panel about this: she was arguing offering more choice was divisive, while I argued that it was very patronising towards parents not to allow them the schools they want. On the way back, I shared a cab with another guest Christopher Biggins, who phoned a friend of mine who’s a fan: the call was hilarious but a little rude!

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