My writing

Having produced mostly educational journalism and books for many years, I now focus upon publishing academic articles and creative writing. I have written extensively for the national press, and have appeared on TV and radio alongside everyone from Johnnie Walker to Russell Brand. I still appear frequently in the media. Often I am invited on various shows to defend creative, caring approaches to education.

FGI Publishing

I run a publishing company, FGI Publishing, which publishes cutting-edge fiction and non-fiction, including my own study guides and Roger Titcombe’s Learning Matters. I have scaled back on publishing other people’s work these days, but I continue to publish my own work on this imprint from time to time. One of my more recent books is The Mindful English Teacher (2017).


I used to blog great deal for The Local Schools Network, and for Mumsnet on Tales Behind The Classroom Door. I also set up a number of educational blogs which can be found here. My YouTube channel contains videos I’ve made for my students over the years. On Twitter, I’m @wonderfrancis and my personal email is Since 2015, I have focused upon publishing academic articles, many of which can be found on my Goldsmiths’ webpage here. I also write blogs for my publisher, Blue Door Press, here.

My background

I was a school teacher for many years, but always dreamt of becoming a ‘proper’ writer. This dream, to a certain extent, came true after the publication of I’m Teacher, Get Me Out of Here (2004) much journalism and other books followed during the ensuing decade while I continued to teach. However in 2015, I hung up my school-teaching boots and became a full-time academic at Goldsmiths, where I currently am a Lecturer in Education. I am leader of the PGCE English course and Head of the MA in Creative Writing and Education.

December 2020.

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