Romeo and Juliet: Revision Quiz for Romeo and Juliet

9 June 2009

Act OneWhat are the causes of the fight in the square? List FOUR important factors that lead to the fight. What does the Prince threaten to do if there is another fight?
Why is Romeo not at the fight?
How do we know Lady Montague and Montague are caring, concerned parents?
What does Benvolio find out from Romeo?
What is Paris wishing to do? What is Capulet’s response? How is Capulet presented here?
What do we learn about the nurse’s relationship with Juliet in the first act?
What is Juliet’s relationship like with her mother?
What invitation does Romeo intercept and why is he interested in it? What is the role of fate here? Why does Benvolio advise Romeo to go to Capulet’s feast?
Why does Mercutio talk at length about Queen Mab? What premonition does Romeo have before going to the party?
Who spots Romeo at the party and what is his response? Why does Capulet call Romeo a “well governed” youth?
What imagery does Romeo use when seeing Juliet for the first time?
How does Romeo persuade Juliet to kiss him? What does Juliet say about his kissing?
What do both the lovers learn at the end of the party?

Act Two

Who is Mercutio searching for in the night? Why is he very rude about Rosaline and Romeo?
Romeo steals into the Capulet’s orchard. Who does he see and why does he describe her as being the “sun”?
What does Romeo overhear Juliet talking about? Why is Juliet shocked when Romeo speaks for the first time? Why do both lovers talk about their names at length?
Who is the “god” of Juliet’s “idolatry”? What does this phrase mean?
Juliet is worried about TWO things during Act 2, Scene 2, what are they?
What “satisfaction” does Romeo require and why does his question shock Juliet?
What is agreed by the end of the evening?
Who does Romeo visit immediately after seeing Juliet? What is this person’s response to the news he hears?
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry the two lovers?
How does Mercutio insult the nurse? What news and instructions does Romeo give the nurse?
Why is Juliet in great suspense as she waits for the nurse?
What does Friar Lawrence warn Romeo and Juliet of before they marry?
Act Three


Why is Benvolvio worried at the beginning of this act? What does Mercutio accuse him of being?

Who is Tybalt looking for and why? Why does these facts add suspense?

What does Romeo say that shocks Tybalt and Mercutio?

What is Mercutio’s reaction to Romeo’s words to Tybalt?

Give three pieces of evidence which show Mercutio initiates the fight against Tybalt?

Who does Mercutio blame for his death? What is Romeo’s reaction to Mercutio’s words? What imagery does Shakespeare use to describe Romeo’s feelings?

Explain and analyse three quotes which show Benvolio is biased in his explanation of the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt. Who does he blame?

Why is Lady Capulet furious? What is the Prince’s sentence on Romeo and what reasons does he give for this?

Why is Romeo so upset by the news of his banishment? What news leads him to try and commit suicide?

How does Friar Lawrence manage to solve Romeo’s immediate problems?

Why is Juliet upset with the nurse regarding what the nurse has said about Romeo? How does Juliet respond when she learns of Tybalt’s death?

What does Juliet look forward to before her wedding night? Look at the “Gallop apace” speech carefully.

Romeo and Juliet spend the night together. Why does Juliet think the nightingale is singing in the morning? What is Romeo’s response to this news?

What vision does Juliet have when Romeo descends from her balcony?

What news does Juliet’s mother bring? Why is his father so furious? What does he threaten to do if she doesn’t obey?

What is the nurse’s advice and how does Juliet respond to this?


Act Four
What solution does Friar Lawrence offer?

Why is Juliet so frightened of taking the potion?

What are the reactions of the nurse, Capulet, and Friar Lawrence when Juliet is found dead?

Act Five

What dream does Romeo have? What is surprising and ironic about the dream?

Why does the apothecary agree to give Romeo the poison?

What is Paris doing at the tomb?

Why does Romeo fight Paris?

Why is Romeo surprised when he sees Juliet in the tomb?

How does Romeo kill himself?

What does Friar Lawrence suggest to Juliet when she wakes up?

How does Juliet kill herself?

Why is there a great deal of confusion after the bodies are found?

What does Friar Lawrence say in his own defence? What proves that what he says is true?

How and why do the two families end the feud?

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