Should teachers be censured by the authorities for being drunk?

31 March 2010

The new General Teaching Council’s Code of Conduct states under Rule 6, which is “Work as part of a whole-school team”, that teachers should “recognise the important role of school in the life of the local community, and take responsibility for upholding its reputation and building trust and confidence in it.” This guideline is very vague indeed; does it mean that if a teacher was seen drunk by a member of the local community that he/she could be censured? If someone felt that the teacher was not “upholding the reputation” of the school then they could report that teacher.

I appeared on Radio 5 arguing about this with “Academic and Broadcaster” Simon Warr. He was very vociferous in defending the guidelines, despite that he admitted drinking on school premises. I argued that he could be hauled up in front of the GTC if he got too merry. It’s the nanny state gone mad.

The other callers was pretty against the ridiculous Code.

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