Media appearances in August

17 August 2007

Appeared at midnight on the Anita Anand Radio 5 Live show on Thursday morning. It was great because I was allowed to talk more than usual, explaining why essay writing skills have disappeared in schools. Because teachers have to teach to the Assessment Objectives, they are much keener on shovelling content into pupils’ brains than on helping them shape a beautifully structured essay. Anita was nice to me, saying, You’re clearly a passionate teacher!’ and she smiled at me as I left as did a female vicar also on the show.

I also will be appearing on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House show on Sunday morning, talking about why the public are reluctant to intervene when they see yobs vandalising property and abusing people. I walked around Bethnal Green with the presenter, Paddy O’Connell, showing him the sites: the vandalised playgrounds, the gang markers, the drunks, the scenes of various muggings. I should be a tour guide.

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