Should schools ban short skirts?

25 June 2009

I think they should. At the moment, there’s a bit of an epidemic of short skirts sweeping through the land far faster than the swine-flu virus. Some of this attire doesn’t actually deserve the name of ‘skirt’, ‘belt’ would be more appropriate! Quite frankly, I don’t think that the girls wearing them are aware of the negative signals they are sending. Influenced by monstrous role models like Jordan, they think it’s cool and savvy to look ‘sexy’ in a school setting, when in reality it’s just sad and pathetic.

I appeared on Radio 5 Live talking about this. Everyone more or less agreed. Steve Nolan tried his best to defend the indefensible but gave up when the other guest and I ground him down with our grim, middle-aged disapproval.

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  1. I agree – the micro skirt seems to be de rigueur in Tunbridge Wells, and all the girls without exception look like little tarts – which I’m sure they are not. It’s just inappropriate, and surely it wouldn’t be that hard to enforce proper uniform rules? The main requirement would seem to be a bit of backbone from the head.

    from Elizabeth Forty

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