Travel brochure based on the Ancient Mariner’s experience

26 May 2008

Using Microsoft Word or Publisher, devise a travel brochure based on the Ancient Mariner’s experiences. Look up some travel brochures on Google and learn about how these brochures use language, then using this type of language, write your own brochure.

You MUST use statistics in your brochure. Detail exactly how much time will be spent on each activity, the number of staff, the dangers involved etc

For example:

The Ancient Mariner Tours

Experience the adventure holiday of a lifetime!

Provide information on accommodation, meals, other facilities on the ship and entertainment. Provide prices and packages.

A grey-bearded loon will give you three action-packed months travelling the world.

First, travel up to the Arctic, and see ice which is mast-high, befriend a lovely albatross and then shoot it!

Find out what it feels like to have it hung around your neck!

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