Could mobile phones help learning in the classroom?

4 September 2008

A recent survey conducted by Nottingham University has shown that mobile phones can really help boost standards in the classroom if they are used wisely and imaginatively. Pupils can Bluetooth their work to each other, set deadlines on the digital diaries, research issues on the web, take videos of teachers explaining key points (

I appeared on Radio 5 Live today arguing that I felt they could really help if they were used properly in the classroom, but they are banned in most schools. I think that schools should be more responsive to new technology, using it to enthuse pupils for learning. A headteacher though argued that using mobile phones would lead to an even worse breakdown in discipline. I said he was living in the dark ages: we need to be imaginative in our teaching and vary our lessons by using technology at appropriate moments.’


  1. One problem with using cellphones in the classroom is that not all students will have phones with the features the teacher may want to use, and thus will be at a disadvantage. If their parents can’t afford to upgrade their phones, the classroom becomes one more situation where this will cause them humiliation, as opposed to one place in their lives where not having a top-flight phone doesn’t matter.

    from Sarah
  2. Yes, this is a very good point. However, I think all children should discuss the ways in which the acquisition of technology has become a competition, and the ways in which they are seduced into “identifying” with certain models of phone, feeling that their status depends upon what phone they have.

    from francisgilbert

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