Child Language Mock Exam Question 2 by FGI/Myszor

9 June 2009

Read the following extract very carefully. This transcript is a conversation between Katherine at 27 months and her mother. Consider the aspects of the baby’s speech: ability to use verbs (tenses, tag questions); functions and conversational (pragmatic) skills; use of inflexions; the MLU, the comparing the score with Brown’s stages (see page 3 of Myszor); negatives; questions. Use the systematic framework, to complete a full analysis of the transcript. 

Extract: Key: the transcript has been simplified. Only longer pauses have been shown, eg (3). Otherwise conventional punctuation has been used. K= the baby. M= the mother


1 K: What did you say? (2)

2 M: Didn’t say anything (2) What do you want to do? (2)

3 K : Does it open?

4 M: Er yes.

5 K: Oh, ah, aaaahhhh! I o…., I uh…I want to do that, didn’t I.

6 M: What did you do? What did you do, Katherine? Did you open it?

7 K: Yeh. Took this out. Me took this out. This one out. Look, look, what, look what it’s got on its front.

8 M: What has it got?

9 K: It’s got lady with those long things on. That’s a bit funny.

10 M: Mmm. What else has it got?

11 K: What’s those…? What’re they? What’re they? What’re they, Mummy?

12 M: What’re what?

13 K: Those bottles.

14 M: Show me.

15 K: There.

16 M: Um. It’s just a picture of some bottles. I’m not sure what is there.

17 K: What’s in there?

18 M: I’m not sure. What do you think?

19 K: I d’know. (3)

20 M: Shall we put it back?

21 K: No (5) I want to do some of that, please (4) Can I have a piece of paper please?

22 M: No,

23 K: Thank you.

24 M: What are you going to do?

25 K: I’m going to draw a picture of somebody, okay.

26 M: Mm huh.

27 K: Somebody who’s black.

28 M: Okay.

29 K: Who’s called Jesse.

30 M: Oh I see.

31 K: We haven’t got pi….black today, have we.

32 M: No, that’s red. Do you want me to get you a black?

33 K: Yes, please.

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