Working The System: How to Get the Very Best State Education for your Child

13 October 2009
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In the last few years the government has changed pretty much every aspect of state education – the admissions process, the national curriculum, exams and assessments, the approach towards Special Needs, the whole attitude to children’s general wellbeing.

Working the System provides up-to-date answers to all your questions as a concerned parent. It includes tips and advice on everything from selecting the right school to helping your child make the right choices at GCSE and keeping them happy and motivated; and it is packed with informative case studies – such as “What could I have done to get more support for my son’s dyspraxia?” and “Can I do a Tony Blair and avoid sending my child to the local sink school?”

Written by an experienced teacher who has taught in the state sector for twenty years and who has established a reputation as a voice of candour and clarity in the world of modern educational doublespeak,this highly readable guide will help you navigate the complexities of the system and get the very best education for your child.

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  1. Consider his book is almost six year old, is it still relevant to the current system? Or, do you have any plan to update it as a new edition?

    from MommyShir

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