Betrayal — Chapters 27-46

2 February 2010

What is betrayal? What’s your definition of it?

Situations – what would you do?

You learn that your partner is havinng an affair

You learn after you have committed to each other that you partner had an important relationship they haven’t told you about

You learn your partner has a secret love child

An attractive person wants you who is NOT your partner

Why do writers explore the theme of betrayal?

It’s very dramatic

It’s very common

It’s suspenseful to watch

Far From The Madding Crowd – THE CRISIS

Hardy decides to focus the novel around the theme of betrayal. WHY and HOW?

Bathsheba learns that Troy has betrayed her. How? What is shocking about the way she learns this?

Why does Hardy focus upon examining her reaction to this betrayal?

Fanny versus Bathsheba

Hardy shows us the fates of two women in this novel, the two lovers of Troy. How are Fanny and Bathsheba’s fates similar and different?

What is Hardy saying about men and women here?


Have a conversation with your parents about the issues we’ve explored and write up their reactions in your scrapbook. Discuss everything we’ve covered so far.

Flirtation – what is good flirtation

Attractive people – who are they


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