Dramatising your life

2 February 2010

Learning objectives: to learn how to dramatise elements of your life

Learning outcomes

To write in detail about an aspect of your life NOT covered in the autobiography in detail, but dramatised. The question will be: Write an entertaining account which explores in depth moments when you have been alone or lonely in your life. Describe the situations in depth, discussing your feelings, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, thoughts, worries, pleasures.



This will be assessed for GCSE coursework as well as your homework. The highest grade goes forward.


The first time you can remember being frightened of the dark.

The first time you felt worried that your parents/carers wouldn’t be there for you.

The first time you can remember tasting something really nice and being aware that only you had tasted this sensation.

The first time you joined a new school/ a new club/ a new team. Your feelings at the time. Your thoughts. The people who were nasty to you. The people who were friendly.

The first time you went to the shops by yourself. Took a walk by yourself.

The first time you went away by yourself.

The first time when you were ‘singled out’ either for praise or punishment: first detention, first prize/

First time you stood up in front of a large group of people/class and gave a talk.





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