Steps towards writing an excellent essay on the play

2 February 2010

Lesson objective

To learn how to use your notes to write an essay

To collect your thoughts together quickly and write them down

Starter activity – put these events in the right order

Willy commits suicide

Biff and Willy agree to set up the Loman brothers

Willy remembers when there were trees in the yard

Biff and Happy leave Willy in the restaurant

Willy gets sacked

Willy remembers about Biff finding him with the woman

Biff and Willy argue. Biff shouts there is not “spite” in it anymore.

Linda tells Biff and Happy about the pipe – in other words, Willy is trying to kill himself

The structure of the play

How does Miller create tension and excitement in the way he STRUCTURES the play?

Essay title

Find your FAVOURITE passage in the play (at least two WHOLE passage of the play) and explain how Arthur Miller creates tension and excitement in it.

Key sections of essay

Section 1: How Miller has built suspense BEFORE your scene

Write about Miller’s characterisations, WHAT do the characters do on stage, WHY do they behave that why, WHY and HOW does Miller present them in this way, talking about how actors might INTERPRET the characters.

Write about his use of dialogue, his use of language, his imagery

Write about how the scene could be staged.

Useful sentence starters

Miller builds suspense by presenting us with characters who are in great conflict with other….

If I was a theatre director I would instruct the person playing Willy to…because….

Miller’s use of language is very important here because….Miller uses this imagery because….

Topic Two

Details about this topic

Supporting information and examples

How it relates to your audience

Write your essay!!

Rough draft must be finished this lesson.

Rough drafts don’t have to be perfect.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, let it flow!! Get to the end this lesson!

Use all your prior knowledge.

Real Life

Give an example or real life anecdote

Sympathize with the audience’s situation if appropriate

What This Means

Add a strong statement that summarizes how you feel or think about this topic

Summarize key points you want your audience to remember

Next Steps

Summarize any actions required of your audience

Summarize any follow up action items required of you

your comment

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