Watch out more school selection is on the way…

6 November 2010

England’s chief schools adjudicator, who oversees admissions to schools, is obviously very suspicious about the government’s intention to “slim down” the admissions’ code. He clearly thinks Gove and co are intent upon allowing schools more ways to select pupils by ability and ethnicity. Gove says that he wants to make things “fairer” but as we have seen Gove’s idea of being “fair” is pure double-speak: fair is allowing pushy parents more power to isolate their children from the poorest ones in our society, as his free schools policy proves.

It’s fascinating that the chief schools adjudicator has spoken out; he’s basically initiated a one-man battle against the government and its double-dealings in education. Who will win? Will the Lib-Dems, who hate these policies, demand Gove’s head now that someone so eminent has spoken out and his policies are so unpopular?

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