Inspire: Exciting Ways of Teaching Creative Writing

21 December 2020

‘Inspire: Exciting Ways of Teaching Creative Writing’ is an innovative anthology written by a wide spectrum of creative teachers who have a wealth of diverse experience. The focus here is on communicating how to teach creative writing in imaginative, practical and socially just ways. There is a particular emphasis upon helping people of all ages and backgrounds write stories, poems, plays and creative non-fiction, including memoir and autobiography. Here you’ll learn many ways of teaching creative writing, including:

•How to decolonise creative-writing workshops

•How to use social media to engage teen writers

•How to use therapeutic writing to cope with lockdown and bereavement

•How to help students get creative in their essay writing

•How to seek inspiration in nature and landscapes

Inspire is essential reading for teachers, writers, academics and anyone who values creativity.

I was delighted to edit this important book alongside Emma Brankin and Carinya Sharples. I also contributed an article.

If you’d like to access this book for free, please click here. If you’d like to buy a paperback version, please click here.


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