Creative Power: Investigating Creative Writing & Its Value

19 April 2024

Abstract or Description

The ‘Creative Power Anthology’ is a unique collection of pieces written by Masters’ students at Goldsmiths’ university and pupils from schools local to Goldsmiths in South London. Many of the article investigate the value of creative writing. This is an instructive and inspiring book. Within these covers, you’ll learn: how students set up their own ‘literary cabaret’, bringing inclusive imaginative expression to the bars of London; how school teachers have transformed the dull rubrics of exam tasks into lively celebrations of creativity; how creative writing can be used to heal people’s pain and make sense of a chaotic world; how stories can be ‘hacked’ and turned into elliptical, magical digital artefacts; how the history of London can be rewritten by embracing queer narratives and writing yourself queer; how freewriting can provide ways of escaping patriarchal oppression; how neurodivergent people can use creative writing to make sense and deal with being on autistic spectrum. This is a truly powerful anthology, and essential reading for anyone interested in finding ways of thriving in a fractured world.


Gilbert, Francis, ed. 2022. Creative Power: Investigating Creative Writing & Its Value. London: Gold Publishing (Centre for Languages, Culture and Learning). ISBN 9781913694081 [Edited Book]

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