Jane Eyre — A Study Guide

10 November 2013



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Can you answer these questions?

How and why does Bronte present sex as a dangerous activity in Jane Eyre?

Why are the elements of earth, fire, water and air important in the novel?

Is Jane Eyre a subversive novel?

Is Rochester a hero or villain?

If you’re stuck for answers, then maybe you should read this study guide. For the price of a chocolate bar, you can become an expert on one of the greatest novels in the language. This is an extremely useful guide to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. It is ideal for students studying the text for A Level or equivalent qualification, but will be helpful to able GCSE students looking for high marks. This guide really encourages students to think for themselves with searching, open-ended questions: this helps to develop personal responses which are vital to attaining higher grades.

The study guide is useful in the following ways because it is:

A great resource for students aiming for top grades;

A great classroom resource for teachers too: the important sections of the novel are quoted in full, together with useful discussion points/comprehension questions;

Written by an experienced teacher who has taught the text in real classroom situations and knows what students need to learn.

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