Pride and Prejudice — A Study Guide

10 November 2013
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Why did Jane Austen never marry?

Who shows pride and who shows prejudice?

How and why does Austen create comedy in the novel?

This is an up-to-date study guide to Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, aimed at 15-19 year olds and the general reader. The guide is modern in its approach and provides all the necessary information to get a top grade in an exam and/or coursework. It is particularly useful because it not only provides the key details about Austen’s life and the social and literary influences upon the text, but also offers a detailed textual analysis of key passages in the book.

If students read the last section of the book carefully, they will not only learn about the vital sections of the text quickly, but also see how top-grade analysis can be conducted. Discussion points are provided so that students can think about the key issues related to the text. The second section of the guide would make a great classroom resource for a teacher wanting to cover the text quickly and thoroughly because students could read the key passages highlighted in the guide and answer the discussion points in their exercise books or in group discussions. This would give them invaluable practice for an exam or coursework.

The study guide is essential reading because:

It’s a great resource for students aiming for top grades;

It encourages students to develop personal responses to the text, which is vital if they are going to achieve at a high level;

It’s a great classroom resource for teachers too: the important sections of the novel are quoted in full here, together with useful discussion points/comprehension questions.

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